about me

Dear future parents,

my name is Lisa Smith and I´m 18 years old. Since my birth I suffer from  ´Epidermolysis bullosa´. I live with my family in Germany, but right now I´m on the way to America to help future parents how to deal with this bullosa. My mother has this disorder too and has passed it on me.

I have done my Abitur at Mariengymnasium in Bocholt.  The kids in school had bullied me, so it was very hard for me. After I spent a year in America my dream is to study medicine.

In my freetime I meet my group to talk about our disorder and news. I play tennis to relax and that´s helping me to get other thoughts.

With this webpage I hope I can give you the most important information about this disorder and that it would help you to treat with it. When there are any questions left leave me a comment.